Who I AM?

Right after I finished school in the village of Besiste, Mariovo, Macedonia, at the top of the class, my parents decided that we should move to Toronto, Canada. This would be for our own good, and a better life for my family. After our move, I continued with my studies. After 7 years, I graduated with full diploma in the area of Information Technology.

In 1979, I started with my first job in one of the biggest and most important banks in all of Canada, and that lasted for around 28 years. For 5 years I worked with the well-known computer company I.B.M. (Canadian sector).

In 1980, I married the most wonderful woman, and we are together to this day. We have two very handsome sons.

At the moment, I work as a consultant, and I live a very satisfied life. Also, we travel quite a bit.

My Most Recent Visits

2019 - Return to my birth place to experience Mariovo in spring time.

2016 - Return - I timed it just right in order to take part in the festivities of the annual Petkovden in my village. The other reason was to deliver personally addressed envelope contained a hand written letter along with the money realized from my book.

2013 - Return to my birth place on a hiking trip and to research the history of Mariovo for my upcoming book.

2010 - Return to my birth place on a hiking trip with numerous trips to the border mountains to experience modern sheppard duties and making tepano cheese.

2009 - Return to my birth place on a hiking trip with my older son David.

2007 - Lived in the village for 30 days with my parents to experience ’Life In The Village’ in modern day.

2006 - Return to my birth place with my wife Linda and younger son Christopher for the first time after 35 years.