About This Site

This website is dedicated to everyone who holds a piece of Mariovo in their heart, namely selo Bešište. It is dedicated to everyone who sees the wild flowers and blue skies, who feels the pure breeze pass across their face, the warm sun kiss their cheek, when they close their eyes, when they dream… It is dedicated to everyone who wants to hold this place in his or her heart forever.

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My Travels to Mariovo

After 35 years in Canada, I returned to my birth place "Mariovo" for the first time in 2006.

Travel 2006

Return to my birth place with my wife and younger son for the first time after 35 years in Canada.

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Travel 2007

Lived in the village for 30 days with my parents to experience ’Life In The Village’ in modern day.

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Travel 2009

Return to my birth place with my older son to celebrate the festivity at Sveta Petka and hiking trips.

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Travel 2010

Trips to the border mountains to experience modern sheppard duties and making tepano cheese from milk.

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Travel 2013

Return to my birth place on a hiking trip and to research the history of Mariovo for my upcoming book.

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Travel 2016

To celebrate Petkovden in my village and deliver a letter along with the money realized from my book.

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Travel 2019

Return to my birth place to experience Mariovo in spring time and transfer the properties to my sons.

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Self-Sufficient Life

Each individual in the household was responsible for being self-sufficient. Below is a summary of how things were produced and used in the village prior to our departure in 1970: