A Taste of Honey

  • Date :

  • 2020-05-20
  • Blog By :

  • Milan Vrgleski

Honey tastes better in the country

Beekeeper, Dedo Vasil Gitanovski, displaying some of his beehive boards at his rural property above Crna Reka in the region of Mariovo.

Several years ago Dedo Vasil relocated his honey production operation to the outskirts of Prilep in an effort to make his business more efficient. Unfortunately, the honey took on the taste of toxic city fumes and no one wanted to buy his honey. A year later he moved his apiary back to the fresh air in the mountain ranges and the honey his bees produce is in high demand.

I am always sure to include a stop at Dedo Vasil’s apiary when I am visiting.

When you taste his delicious wildflower honey you can almost hear the bees buzzing.

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